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Trying to find ways to help the environment and get the best products at the best prices? Might prove a difficult task, but if you come across any Eco-Store products, you have found you answer, on all accounts!!
Eco-Store brings to us their No Nasty Chemicals TM which features plant-based products, free of toxic chemicals that are environmentally safe. Because they concentrate their formulations, Eco-Store helps us save on their organic products on a cost per use basis. What really caught our eye was the fact that Eco-Store started over 15 years ago in a "eco village" in New Zealand producing for a true "green" clientele. They have already passed the more stringent tests!
So we set out to test a couple of their products.
We started with Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner. True to its word, it makes the job a lot easier than traditional products. The bottle came with a shrink wrap, so you know that all your contents are there. It also has a safety cap. One more nice feature of the bottle is the grip which fits the fingers and give you a safer hold o the bottle The first thing we noticed was that the citrusy scent was not overpowering and was fresh. It was a clean smell that lasted for a while after we had finished cleaning. Better than that, we discovered that with just one wipe all the mildew and residues on our bathroom sink disappeared! No need to be spending lots of time trying to get everything clean, and true to their word, you don’t use up a whole lot of product to get the job done.

These are products that Your body will like (reduced exposure to unhealthy chemicals) and Our Earth will like too! We would love for you to take our word for it, but now you can discover the joy of helping the planet while helping yourself with a superb product.
Join our giveaway for a chance to win the Eco-store products.
Everyone is welcomed to enter. Please check Ecostore's shipping policies so you know what to expect.
Explore and leave us a comment telling us which products you would like to try out. That get's you in the giveaway. That is it! Nice, simple, easy!
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