Nerf Attachments for Wii make it way more fun!

So the summer ended and the time for fun and games is over, NOT! Back to school and routines definitively require from us some effort to search for time to relax and play in order to balance our lives and fight off stress.
Homework is done, chores taken care off, what is next? Well, in most instances, video games are what is next. And if playing games is the reward for good behavior or good grades, why not give them a real treat: something that makes the game more realistic and more fun?

Performance Designed Products (PDP), a top name in video game accessories has partnered with NERF to offer two great products for Wii.
A panel of teen-aged “experts” evaluated The Nerf Sports Pack for Wii. All of them were won over without a doubt quite quickly. Installation and set up is a breeze, no need to worry. It is pretty straight forward.

With durable grip handles, the Nerf attachments in the package (for Tennis, Baseball and golf) promise durability and safety.

The immediately reaction is that the realism of the video games is dramatically amplified when using the Nerf attachments, thanks to the game perception these attachments deliver.
The attachments give some extra weight to the Wii remotes and make players focus more on their movements for each game.

Take for example the tennis racket, the extra ounces the gadgets added to the Wii remotes made players do more upper arm movements to have the same results they had before the attachments were used. They exercised more. More of their muscles came into play and supplementary force was required to make the game points. This definitively contributes to making the game very real. In the end, players’ moves were closer to the ones they would do if they were on a tennis court: some we trying to ‘slash’ and ‘topspin’ the ball!
For baseball, the bat made it definitively more fun, and gave them more confidence in becoming the next home run record breaker.
The third attachment is the one for golf. This one in particular gave a better sense to players on how they were giving direction to the ball with their swings.

Another benefit of the Nerf Attachments is the fact that they are soft and foamy.
During our “research” sessions, those that got smacked unintentionally by the Wii “athletes” were not harmed or bruised; hence, the safety promise. An additional benefit is the survival of TV sets that sometimes become victims of over competitive gamers. :-)

Also available is the NERF Racing Wheel. It is a racing steering wheel with a thick “foam” cover or layer that adds comfort and control for the car driver. Again the experience of realism beats steering with a stick (Wii remote). It simulates the real deal and gives those who can’t officially drive yet, a little rush, feeling like they can and are driving.

Want more benefits? The prices of these items are very accessible, especially when you consider the prices of accessories and gadgets for video games.

The NERF Sports Pack sell for $19.99 click here to get this price

and the Racing Wheel can be found for $9.99 at

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