Think Positive, Bring Good Things to Your Life.

Bring wonderful things into your life, replace negative thoughts for positive ones. Need help with that? Get a Blisscal!
Lately there are many approaches on positive thinking and the power of your thoughts to attract great things and attain ones goals. We all have different ways of thinking or believing, but what holds true is that a smile and some encouraging words go a long way and make all the difference in the world.
Blisscal is a company that makes removable and reusable stickers with phrases and words that aim at helping us keep a positive frame of mind and happy spirits. Mine says "Living Deliciously". No, I am not looking to gain weight :-) but the sticker does remind me that I want to enjoy each moment in life, to the fullest. To relax in a spa, take a relaxing walk at sunrise on the beach, play with your pet, indulge yourself with a gourmet piece of fabulous chocolate...What would be or feel "delicious" to each one of us? To think about the things that are delicious or great in our life today is vital, because, according to Blisscal this positive outlook to life will bring more of those good things back to us. The more we do this mental exercise, the sooner we will be from one fantastic or delicious moment of life to another. Blisscal's wonderful collection of colorful, uplifting, humorous, inspirational and positive thinking stickers and decals, are silent companions and reminders that no matter what happens in the outer world, there is nothing more important than feeling good about what we are doing right now. Included with the sticker is a scroll that expands on the meaning of your sticker, and the effectiveness of the affirmation. Available in 10 fun and beautiful quotes, these decals come in clear vinyl and do not leave any residue behind when you remove and reuse them. "Living Deliciously" has been all over, and keeps sticking to every surface without a problems.
Don't give in to the temptations of negative thinking. It can be an easy thing to do in today's economy. Surround yourself with all things good, give yourself thoughts that feel good. The laws of attraction work let Blisscals lead the way!

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