Celebrate Kikko de Mayo, err I Mean Cinco de Mayo!

Preparations are in place for our cinco de mayo celebration. Every year, a group of us get together to sample Mexican beers. Included in this yearly event, is, of course, at least 3 Mexican dishes to complement our drinking selections.

I have never really been the best chef in the group, but certainly I do enjoy and critique the dishes like a pro (I say).

This year, I am really looking forward to our little get together because I am going to do the cooking! Why? Well, I have a great ally by my side, a secret weapon that will make it a breeze for me while taking my culinary abilities to new heights and territories. I am converting our cinco de mayo into a Kikko de mayo event! I just love the idea.

True, I managed to surprise everyone with my announcement, but an open mind and a little help, has given me a hand in delivering flavorful results. I have already tested and tried my  cooking experiements with my new favorite kitchen miracle worker.  I am sharing this great secret not only because it will put my friends at ease, but also because it is extraordinary, and will be your best cooking partner!

You definitively know about Kikkoman and their stellar soy sauce which they have been making using a natural brewing process for over 300 years . We recognize Kikkoman as one of the main players in the marketplace to offers us a great product line of Asian sauces and seasonings, like their soy or Teriyaki sauce. As additional palates become further discriminating and more and more of us are cooking specialty recepies at home, our experimenting result in some fabulous dishes to share. Pair this with how communications, transportation and the human mind have shrunk the world, plus the willingness to jump across continents, and it ends in, for example, me playfully revamping traditional delicacies.

Suspense ends here. Please meet Kikoman Ponzu Citrus Seasoned Dressing & Sauce" - Lime Flavor.

Ready to use, this convenient sauce brings out and accentuates the flavors of seafood, meat and poultry. It tastes like a perfect blend of lime juice and salty vinegar prepared with care. Seasoned with the Kikkoman soy sauce we know and love, plus lime juice, it was like an epiphany in the kitchen. It is the perfect balance of salt, sweet and tangy flavors.

Fajitas are a recognized Mexican or Tex Mex dish, what could be more Latin than carne asada or mango salsa? You would never find my grandmother adding anything remotely Asian to her recepies of these dishes, but I did, I used Ponzu Citrus to marinate the shrimp for the fajitas, the steak for the carne asada and even the chicken for tacos.

The result was incredible. With little effort I managed to cook in less time and a lesser amount of effort incredibly flavorful food that was to par with the traditional results my palate is accostumed to. I was taken aback by how easily and quickly I was able to get fantastic yummy dishes. All I had to do was pour straight from the bottle. At times I even skipped the overnight marinating and still I got superb tasting items on my plate. I was beyond words when I managed to get ourstanding results 5 times in a row using Kikkoman Ponzu citrus lime or lemon. I even made a Ponzu reduction to sauce my slow cooked carnitas, and whoa, the taste is out of this world! My next test will be using the dressing sauce in my salads. Maybe this can be great for a special batch of guac! Still to be experimented.

Grilling you are also on my list too, don't be jealous.

I think I will be the designated chef from now on, and that is fine for me as long as I can use my Kikkoman Ponzu Citrus Seasoned Dressing and Sauce (lime or lemon). This is more fun than I anticipated, and such a grand discovery. My taste buds are happy we are having shrimp ponzu tacos tonight! You always saw Kikkoman products in the ethnic aisle, and guess what it does know how to mingle well with everyone else sitting on that aisle! I am thinking after salads and grilling I am taking my ponzu to my Mediterranean cookbooks with me.

5 de mayo, make room for my Kikko de mayo, I am fusing both of you and uniting continents for our taste buds next week, and so can you! Mmmm delicioso.

Don’t be shy, come have some fun ponzu-ing with Kikkoman!

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