Mega Block is Lots of Mega Fun!

When a company has been developing award winning toys that combine great play value, education and designs for little hands like Mega bloks you know that we were right to consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been selected to host a Mega blok party. We were very happy about it, and were looking forward to getting our package. When we got our party pack, we were sure to have an amazing party and couldn’t wait to get It on!!!!
Mega bloks and their fantastic universe of construction toys encourages children to use, discover and foster their creativity – imagination. A true educational toy that delivers hours of fun that grows with the children as they move on to higher learning stages. The toys go hand in hand with a child’s age and developmental stage:  Basics like the perfect size blocks to toddlers, then Build ‘N Discover, Building Adventure, and Build Big.

My favorite feature is the education component disguised as good ole fun!

We invited 10 kids (1 to 4 years old), and it was priceless to see the faces of the kids AND moms when they say the toys.
No one expected that a block party would consist of such a unique way to store and present blocks.

Each child got an adorable car, truck, bus or boat that contained blocks. This was the first eye- opener as we all thought of Mega bloks as a maker of plain blocks for kids. Well they do, but this twist was unexpected. A Wow Moment.

These toys are not only adorable, but also instrumental in guiding a child’s imagination during play. Getting to the blocks takes some disassembly that helps kids with their motor and analytical skills.

We had designed a track for the kids to roll their super Mega bloks vehicles on, had a small plastic pool for the boats and a pile of sand for the tractor and dump trucks we received. The course was a hit! And the sand was also used by the children to mold and create with the blocks themselves

As the children discovered and enjoyed their new Mega bloks toys, the moms took time to discover the company’s product line. Good thing we were given discount coupons because parents were already working on serious Christmas shopping from the catalogues!

Our Mega bloks 2010 catalogue discovery was interrupted by squeals of joy when my husband uncovered the Play'n Go Table. Moms all agreed that this table is way cool. It folds neatly and fits easily under a bed or behind a door. It is a no-brainer to set up for play, and also loads of entertainment. We had a good session around the table, but after a few minutes some decided it was time to go back to their cars, boats or buses.

What stood out for the parents after a good 2 hours of non-stop fun with Mega bloks, in addition to what we have already pointed out was:

-blocks are big enough that there is no chocking hazard
-they are resistant, sturdy and seem durable (yes some kiddos were really testing the blocks)
-easy to clean
-high quality
-innovative (blocks offered in a different way, not just a bunch of blocks)
-appealing and vibrant toys (kids will want to go to them over and over again).

Mega Bloks is another synonym for Mega Fun! Stack, imagine, create, destroy, re-build, enjoy! It is also a sanity saver for us as 90% of our Christmas list is taken care off shopping at Mega Bloks, this is just perfect!!

YOU CAN WIN! (from Mega Bloks)

participate in the Mega Bloks 25 Birthday Bags Contest from 10/1/2010 to 11/30/2010. Look in side specially marked Mega Bloks Bags to get your game piece. You may be the lucky winner of a Grand Prize of $25,000 or 25 secondary prize winners. You can also, enter Mega Bloks online contest to win 1 of 25 Mega Bloks gift packs.

Good luck and go discover the amazing toys Mega Bloks has in store for our children!

We are extremely grateful to Mommy Parties and Mega Bloks who provided with a Kit that contained enough Mega Bloks and information to share with 10 children and their moms. No monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed here are my own.

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