Happy Mother's Day! The Cool Mom Joy

One of our readers used to be single, out partying, living life on the edge, traveling the world, dabbing in luxury and very happy about her beauty sleep. After a wonderful romance that started in her second visit to Tahiti, she discovered she was pregnant. Without hesitation, Adriana became a proud single mother to a healthy baby girl. Perfect she thought, I will make her stylish and fashionable in no time. She will conquer the world with me, and I will show her the ways of posh.
As their life together developed, our world traveler became a diaper "miles" queen, changed the plane and her sporty drive for a comfortable SUV full of safety features.

Lavishness developed a new meaning: invaluable hours of sleep.

In honor of Mother's day, we are singling Adriana out because despite the changes in her life, she is still extremely cool, definitively in the know and always thinking of fabulous ways to give her little one the best she can in the most rounded way.

This Cool Mom is focused not only in offering the best of her and her world to her daughter, but also very driven to make a great citizen of the world out of her baby girl in terms of the participation and what she can give the planet and her fellow humanoids.

For this, we give her extra kudos.

Any mom will tell you happiness is her children, and although a big fat ever changing responsibility there is greater than being a Mom. Moms that have been moms for a while love going over the memories.

If you ask our Cool Mom about the changes in her life since becoming a mother, a big smile brightens her face, and she shares wisely that just like the rapid changes she experiments with her growing daughter, life for all of us is about changes that challenge us positively and make us better people.

Today, ways of posh are not a priority for her or her precious child as we relate to it. Luxury for Adriana, is instilling solid values for the future while savoring every moment of her new mothering journey. Her indulging really comes from going over and over the photo album she made herself about her life with baby at Shutterfly. She is now working photo gifts for her friends to remind us to savor the moment and enjoy the memories.

She still gets out the little cocktail dress and sexy high (very high) heels, she is determined to maintain her identity, and doing the things she loves (going out with her friends, exercising and traveling) all the while being a mother. A little tired, sleep deprived and without time to do all the things /traveling Adriana would like to, she admits her joy today is getting the most amorous kisses from a tiny one and being able to adore her back limitlessly.

For her first Mother’s day celebration as one, Adriana is getting ready party invitations for an event we are sure will keep us talking for years!

Happy mother’s day to all Cool Moms out there!
May it be as blissful as your adventure of being such a special and unique mom, a hero to your kids. It is a true reason to celebrate!

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