Get a Cup Holder that Works: Drink Docker

This is a quick review as this product is pretty straight forward
We recently received Drink Docker, and set out to test it.
First, let us tell you what we discovered what it was:
Drink Docker® is a revolutionary drink cup holder that fits in most existing cup holders and fits a variety of beverage containers.

The Drink Docker® allows you to put drinks in your car (and other places) that would never stay in a normal holder; juice boxes and pouches are just the beginning.

To the above we atest to its veracity.  Great  for odd sizes and small sizes too.

Not only does the Drink Docker® firmly secure your beverage, it also absorbs condensation, preventing rings and other sticky substances from forming in your cup holders. We thought this was particularly good as everything keeps dry and your fingers don't get slippery so you have more control over the drink, specially while driving or trying to juggle kids, strollers, diaper bags and toys all at the same time.  The docker does a really good job of holding the cup or bottle, even the soft cups and bottles are protected and spills cease to exist One more thing is that it is also really easy to insert and remove the cup.  We have been using them in the car and in the boat without issues.  Wonderful to have an item that fits everywhere we have tried it on thus far.

It is sold on line at where you have different models to choose from.  They are all black though.  The one we tested is $9.99 and coffee cup wraps start at $4.00

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