Contribution by Saul Martin
I watched a pretty dark movie the other day on Netflix using my midland high speed clear internet connection. The movie starred Ryan Gosling ( love him ) and Kirsten Dunst. I had never heard of the movie, but just ran across it on Netflix. It was called, “All Good Things”. It is actually a pretty good movie and worth watching even though it got bad reviews. I looked it up on Wikipedia and the budget of the movie was thirty million dollars. It only made six hundred thousand dollars at the box office—a huge loss. I just can’t figure out why it was such a flop. It was a cerebral and dark film, but I feel like if it had been highly publicized that it would have a big audience and would have gotten better reviews. It was about a well to do family that owned half of New York. The main character ( Ryan Gosling) is accused in his wife’s disappearance ( played by Kirsten Dunst). If you get a chance, you should watch it, it is worth the watch!