Miami Through the Healthy Eyesight of a Local

We are always in such a rush mode.  Mom’s can definitively relate to hectic schedules that make it so very difficult to stop and smell the roses from time to time, or in our case, smell and enjoy placidly a little cup cafecito cubano (Cuban coffee, which is an expresso with several spoonfuls of sugar served in a small shot cup).
This being said, last year we decided it was time for us to try and stop taking so many things for granted.  Our way of doing this was to re-discover Miami, and take in our colorful, magic city. 

Besides the weather that brings in the wonderful snow birds every year, Miami is truly breathtaking, a sight to see that is way way fun!   
Amazingly, as we took our weekend tours, we started re-discovering our senses.  The way the beach caresses your body as you sun bathe (for touch), or the way flan melts deliciously in your mouth, yummmm!

Oh, wait! How about a key lime pie’s tangy sweet tingle that delivers heaven to taste buds (for the sense of taste, of course).  You do not have to worry about your nose staying behind.  Several scents will make their mark; for example, the aromas of the lush everglades that awaken your sense of smell.  For the 5th sense, your eyes will feast on wonderful scenes in every corner of the city that are usually breathtaking, colorful and vibrant.

 I bet if you come around to visit us, images of amazing relaxing sunsets, and the collection of many tones of green in just a front yard will stick with you forever, thanks to your sight. 
Sight is really the sense that I can share with you through this post. Reason why we are sharing with you pictures we have recently taken. The images you see might not be the typical photographs you would expect of Miami, but they are what has caught our eye, and what we enjoyed during our “touristy” days in our sun filled city!  As you see Miami from our viewpoint, please consider how valuable it is to have a healthy sight to share and experience the world around you (with those you love).

 As I went through the photographs, I must admit that what I am the most grateful for is that my healthy vision that allows me to watch my family grow and have fun!
Food Trucks with Latin Flare
Now I need to make sure at home we all maintain healthy eyesight. The first step towards this is promising to take care of my family’s vision by signing the Family Eye Promise which should keep me in check and also contributes to a fantastic program where for every promise signed this year, Transitions Optical will donate a book to the mobile literacy initiaty Bess the Book Bus which helps children nationwide become lifetime readers (Bess the Book Bus) reinforcing the important connection between healthy, quality vision and the ability to read and learn.
The second step will be making sure when we are out in the sun we have the appropriate UV filter sunglasses to protect our eyes.  I will look into Transition lenses to help me achieve this. Finally, although not sure if an old wives tale, I will add some more carrots in our meals because according to my grandmother, this promotes good eyesight :-).  Myth or truth, taking care of our vision shouldn’t be last on our list.

The perfect opportunity to start taking care of your eyes is here!  If you are in Miami this weekend, April 14th and April 15th come on out to Great Taste of the Grove Food and Wine Festival where Transitions lenses and Sears Optical will be offering you chance to take part in free vision screenings and the Ultimate Sightseeing Experience! 

You can also celebrate memories and viewing them over and over again by entering the Official Sponsor of Sightseeing™ Sight of the Day Photo Contest for your chance to win the Ultimate Sightseeing Dream Vacation.  Enter here.
Now that I have pondered a bit on the importance of healthy eyesight, I will not only be working to preserve my eyes, but will from time to time slow down a bit to admire a beautiful sunny Miami day and allow the powerful sense of happiness and relaxation sink in while I feast my eyes on the way the sun glistens over the water and hits the palm tree leaves.

I am sure this will fill my soul and give me the energy to carry on the rest of the day.  Let me know if that will work for you too!

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