Back-to-School With BJ's Wholesale Club!

If there is something we don’t like procrastinating on it is Back to School preparations.  School vacations feels shorter every year, and we prefer avoiding the mad dash to get it all in order before that first bell rings.
We couldn’t be happier to have attended a BJ’s event where we discovered an amazing assortment of back to school supplies!  There is an entire aisle devoted to this.  Pencils, pens, cool backpacks, tissues and hand sanitizers everything is there.  As you would expect from BJ’s, the prices are easy on the wallet. True, the items are in bulk, but if you buddy shop, you can enjoy the saving and share the goodness of BJ’s.  Don’t buddy shop?  Your teacher will appreciate the extra supplies you can spare and share with the classroom without getting close to breaking the bank.  A win- win situation all around!
Anyone you know if college bound?  Whether starting college as a freshman or entering senior year, preparing for college is no easy task. From traditional dorm décor and apartment furnishings to all of the necessities that every student needs when going back to college, parents and students alike are faced with a challenge each August — finding all of the essentials at budget-friendly prices.

BJ’s Wholesale Club is the one-stop shopping destination for style and value, featuring everything you need to furnish any space, big or small, and stock up on college essentials from late night power snacks to top-brand health and beauty items at great savings.
We were wowed by the very practical and dorm (small) sized items the store carries at fun (read cool) designs.  Crock pot for one? Check, oven and coffee maker in ideal size and stylish look, check and check.  Mini fridges with matching coffeemakers, fans, and microwaves in several colors and with a vintage feel.  Just perfect.  Additionally, they carry plastic baskets, sheets, hampers, Tupperware among other dorm items that are not sold in bulk, but definitively at the great prices you will find through the store.

Once you at  BJ’s you have to take advantage of their amazing assortment of products and affordable pricing.  Don’t forget you can use both manufacturer’s coupons AND BJ’s coupons for the same item.  There is a massive rack at the store entrance with coupons and as a member you get a coupon book every month as well. Get those and bring your own manufacturer’s coupon for the same single item!  Have abuy one- get one free coupon? Those are also honored granted that the value does not exceed the maximum value stated on the coupon.  Go coupon happy, rack up the savings and enjoy life with the goodies BJ’s always has in-store for us.

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