Is Grandma Living with You?

With the current state of the economy, many households are becoming multigenerational.  In an effort to save money and keep a watchful eye on our aging parents, both mothers-in-law now live with us.

This is great!  True there is always a few stressors that arise from this accommodations but focusing on the positive, we know they are safe, we can react quicker to their needs, and they give us a hand caring for the kids or cooking delish homemade meals for us.
Right now both grandmothers are still strong and for the most part health.  But we are already observing a steady decline in agility, energy and an increase in aches / pains.

This has gotten us thinking about the day we will really have to care for them; when they no longer will be able to look after themselves.

We are definitively not the only ones.  According to the white paper The State of the Hispanic Caregiver, elderly Hispanics will triple by 2050 to 17%.  

A few other points from the paper caught our attention:

o       Hispanic caregivers are younger than their counterparts in society

o       Hispanics have higher rates of incontinence due to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc

o       Hispanic elders are more likely to live children or grandchildren.

Consider that not only the economy, but also out Hispanic heritage leads us into caring for our elders via these now popular multigenerational households because we are very family oriented.
Like with motherhood, at first these new caregivers are clueless as to what to do, or how to do it best.  Now there is a tool to guide and offer the best products and services.  Comfort Plus retails Tranquility products. By taking into consideration what the white paper states and the needs of caregivers, Comfort plus complements is assortment of products and services with many informational tabs in its site that will allow to learn and discuss with your relatives in your language as you have the English AND the Spanish version ( Comfort Plus Para Ti).

Need to explain something in Spanish? Want to go over details with your relative before visiting the doctor or a store visit?  You have resources and information at your finger tips that will make it very easy.

You can also request product samples before you buy, and when you are ready to buy the site offers product discounts and coupons.  Actually, we have one for you right here Use LMB2012 at checkout for $10 off any case of Tranquility products

Comfort Plus Para Ti helps find the correct product, and sweetens it with interesting deals.  In a nutshell Comfort Plus’ goal is to not only promote the best product on the market, but also provide the best services possible to help home care givers.

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Blood is thicker that water in any language and having the tools/ guidance to care for the golden years of our loved ones is peace of mind.  Thanks Comfort Plus! 

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina MomBloggers  and ComfortPlus Online . However, all opinions expressed are my own.