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Start checking off all pending projects on your list : Lowe's is here to help!
Yes, we have numerous projects on our list, and while the list was getting longer we were not tackling any of them.  Until last week, that is.
The thought of a never ending project and not knowing where to begin were the true reasons why everything was at a stand still from our list.  However, in trying to get some inspiration we came across Lowe’s Creative Ideas.  It was like seeing the light for the first time!  Many of the projects addressed by Lowe's were on our list, and the ease to complete them was staring us in the face.

For example, we need to organize the kid's closet.  What do you know, if you go to this page,  it tells you all you need to know for the project: what elements, what options, what materials, what you will use and the steps to follow.  I love the way there are a never ending list of ideas and project that are classified by
What won my heart was a special area dedicated to draw inspiration from.  Simply heaven.

Nevertheless, we were not all that brave yet, so we started off with something even easier than a beginer level.  We recently ordered outdoor patio furniture, and as we wait for it to arrive, we are looking at how we need to get more lighting for the area. We browsed patio lighting , watched a video on what to consider when purchasing patio lighting, and inspired ourselves with summer lighting according Lowe's.
With a brave new face we went to Lowe's and:
and to go with all that our solar lights that illuminate just the way we wanted our area in the cutest fashion.  We also got a special wire to finally give our orchids a permanent space in our backyard.We couldn't be happier!  We are definitively ready for bigger steps and bigger project/ decorating adventures with Lowe's where you will find not only all the materials and tools you need (and then some) but also help, inspiration and step by step guides that will almost guarantee your visions becoming a reality.

Need a little help in your native Spanish?  No worries!  Lowe's has you covered as well, just visit
Lowe's Ideas Creativas.

 Now back to our list, here we go!

Our post on Lowe's received no monetary compensation.  All opinions expressed are our own.

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