The Car Seat Escapee and The Contortionist Are No More!

Success! Finally, my friend's baby will forever stay put in his car seat with his restraints where they should be.

This has to be a very stressful scenario for any parent: you are driving along sure that your child is strapped- in and safe in her car seat when suddenly a smiley face is trying to get comfortable in the front passenger seat.  What??? I thought you were in the back seat ridding peacefully in your place!

This happened constantly to my friend. Her little one was an escape artist, a contortionist capable of wiggling out of all restraints in a heart beat.
She swore he was a re- incarnation of Houdini!

A couple of times I rode with them and we literally had to stop every two blocks to try any sort of gimmick to keep the child in place.
Once she used her belt around the restraints. She should have known better, the belt became a "ninja  bandana"
After a couple of blocks the rubber band that had replaced the belt was flying in the air.

Truthfully I was laughing hard, but my friend was frustrated and concerned for the little one's safety.
This is when I started raving about Britax car seats and safety features.  We couldn't be happier with ours and are trying to spread the joy.
I am happy to report; our adventurous little escape artist now rides comfortably in style with all restraints in the right places in his new Britax car seat!

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