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There is nothing greater than bringing down stereotypes and improving other people’s lives.

I believe no one around me is doing it better than Eliana Tardío. This lady is an inspiration and my motivation to go out and try to make my community a better place.
Eliana is a native Bolivian who arrived to this country pregnant and fully aware that her first to be born would come into this world with Down syndrome. She welcomed her son with the joy, and love every mother does. What was lacking, was perhaps, the same larger than life dreams we all have for our children.

Here is where stereotypes come into play.

Eliana, like me, accepted that having a child with Down syndrome was the end of the world, a total disgrace to any family because these children would not live, thrive, or learn like the rest. To make things even bleaker, the biggest fear: the child will end up in some type of institution where they “belonged”. This purely out of ignorance, like you might agree, most stereotypes begin.

As Emir, her beautiful son, started going to school, he was in special needs classes with other kids like him. Eliana observed that the result of this segregation was that of a now introverted, shy and introspective Emir who was not only afraid of other children, he was unable to fit into their world.
Fortunately this mom had an epiphany and realized that this was really not only alienating her son, it was offering him a surreal world.
The restrictiveness of her way of thinking was at the helm of what was limiting her son. Eliana realized that as parents, we want to make sure our children are safe and far from any harm that could come their way. Nevertheless, that protection hindered Emir as it did not help him develop to his fullest potential.  Consequently, she started looking for a way to expose her child to a “normal” life.

Via her blog, this brilliant and educated lady chronicles the life of her children. In doing so, she is touching people and making waves of change. Emir and her sister (who also is a Down syndrome child) are the stars of her life and the real tools with which Eliana has been able to search for help and reach out to others. Sharing with us her everyday family life, she achieves greatness: she is enlightening us while offering the possibilities the world has to offer to her children.

What a beautiful way of teaching us, showing us, and involving us in making changes for the bettering of others' lives.

Today both kids Emir, 8 and Ayelén, 5 go to public school in Southwest Florida, and do not attend special need classes.

We all can truly make a difference. If you read Eliana (either her blogs or books) your heart swells through the tender love of a mother while you take with you tips and ideas that can apply to any family.

I also take away, the inspiration to bring her to the forefront in my small way and contribute to her cause. She also makes me want to go out and educate others while tearing down false barriers, to bring us all closer together, to make us a strong, vibrant place where all of our children can thrive for generations to come.

This is why I am nominating Eliana Tardio to the Yahoo!Shine “Women Who Shine” program, one designed to celebrate the women out there who are blazing new trails, touching lives or are just being amazing every single day, and  give these women the recognition they deserve. Come out and vote for our nominee here

Thank you Eliana!
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