Back to School Memories

Life truly is made out of special moments, special details.  Many times it is the little things that make a difference.

Now with the craze of getting organized for our back to school wonderful memory came to me:

When we were in school, I was having a hard time with one of my classes. My entire school year was pending on this one final test of the dreadful subject.
To give me a push of self confidence, my dad gave me a small candy, and told me it was a magic one.  So, I had nothing to worry about because I was going to Ace the test. Honestly, it was a stretch as everyone was pretty concerned about the outcome of the test.  It really didn’t seem I had much of a chance.   I was failing miserably this class, understood little about it despite the tutors and help I was getting. 

Dad was very mysterious about the candy.  He made sure I couldn’t see it, couldn’t smell it or feel it until it was in my mouth.

After two very long and agonizing weeks the results came in. To everyone’s surprise (me most of all) I had passed with flying colors!

It was welcomed news and a big relief J
Everyone was amazed. My friends started asking me how I had done it.  Word went around that it had been my magical candy.

From then on, every time a hard test was upon us, we would turn to Dad for our piece of magical candy.  Dad would prescribe larger doses from time to time, specially when we started with physics and calculus classes.  This went on until the day we graduated high school.

His back to school preparations started in June.  His trick was his travels, which allowed him access to candies we wouldn’t recognize.  That is why we were never able to figure out what the magic really was.  Today I know the magic was his love and support.

Good thing we never uncovered the truth because we believed in the magic candy on many tests! 

As my little one readies to take on his academia life, I will find a tradition of our own.  Can’t wait!
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