Get Food Safety Education!

Did You know September is National Food Safety Education Month?
We have been invited to spread the word on how to prevent foodborne illnesses, and we are happy to do it!
Unfortunately, sicknesses due to food injestion occur many times due to misconception or misinformation. So, let's become myth busters, and protect our family from harm.

Let's consider this myth:
I can't re-freeze foods after I have thawed them. I have to cook the or throw them away.

Here is the fact:
Foods thawed in the refrigerator can be safely re-frozen without having to cook them. This includes meat,poultry, egg products and seafood.
However, you should never re-freeze foods that have been thawed other than the refrigerator like the kitchen counter or sink.
Same goes if you use the microwave or thaw in cool water.

Below is an interesting chart with more busted myths!

Just keep in mind when you are getting ready to prepare food that contamination takes place when bacteria comes in contact with your food. This is why we must ensure our work area, utensils, and person are clean!

Let's get educated on food safety!
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Safe eating!

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