Halloween Blog Fest!

Happy Halloween!
We love to celebrate Halloween, and this year we are partnering with some amazing ladies to bring you tons of ideas and very Cool Tips for this year's Halloween!

Let us introduce you to our friends:

Mamá Noticias,
Una Colombiana en California,
Life is a Journey,
Comiendo en LA,
Estilo Familiar,
Notas de Mamá
Ahorrando Dólares

These amazing ladies will have plenty to tell us about this fun holiday.  I am sure you will find them a great source as well.

To jumpstart the celebration, let's get technicalities out of t he way.  Let's consider Safety.

Many of us love dressing up, and our kids do too.  Collecting treats for Halloween is a yummy reward.  To keep in on the delish and safe side, I like reminding tric-or-treaters of simple safety rules:
These are just a few precautions that will hopefully contribute to a very Happy Halloween!
We would love to know what you are planning to celebrate Halloween this year, come by and tell us!

Now that we have spoken about safety, next we will tackle fun!  Come back soon.