Integrate Cultures to your Epiphany Celebration

This year we are not relenting on culture discovery or re-discovery :)
A tradition we love is that of the galette du rois: a pastry cake filled with almond paste. Yummmmmmm. Thank you France for this fun and palate pleasing tradition. We are indeed ready!

Inside this delicious treat, the baker has hidden a trinket, usually a figurine of some sort.
The guest who gets it in his or her piece is declared king or queen for the day.
If you are in the Miami area may we suggest you get your at Paul Bakery and Patisserie It is the same Paul you find in Europe. Same flavors and product assortment.

We combine this tradition with the Latin one of leaving small gifts for the children under their pillow. Well in reality it is the three wise men who visited baby Jesus in the barn in Bethlehem who do it

To complement it all our Spanish neighbor surprised us with the Rosquilla de Reyes which we have never tried. This is just getting better and better!

Have celebrations of your own for Epiphany or Dia de Reyes we can do? We love to know!
Happy celebrating!!

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