The Up&Up on Mutivitamins for Children!

Maybe we are not doing something right, maybe we didn’t read the parental manual correctly.  Hopefully we are in the same predicament as many parents, so someone can point us in the right direction: we are resorting to threats to get our little ones to listen.  If you don’t eat your veggies, we won’t go to the park… if you don’t obey we take away……you get our drift.
Although we are using this tactic for pretty much everything in our household, eating right is probably the main cause of this behavior on our part.  But the thing is that, like every parent, we worry that our kids get their proper intake of nutrients, minerals etc. to ensure a healthy mental and physical growth. 
Tired of using this approach during mealtime, we decided it was time to supplement with vitamins.  Rejection was the first reaction to the vitamins.  We resorted to leading by example, so we would take our vitamins with them to encourage them, but alas, no victory yet.  It kind of backfired because the kids wanted to take our vitamins instead of their own.
We shop a lot at Target, and love their exclusive brand Target up&up because they offer great quality products at a lesser price than leading brands, plus they always offer convenient or more efficient packaging or designs that fit our lifestyle.  The Target up&up brand carries over 1000 products to choose from, ranging from healthcare, and beauty to baby and household items, so you are sure to take advantage of more than one item.  In discovering their products, we have tried the Target up&up vitamins for children, and couldn’t be happier!

photo.JPGFirst of all, we can take our vitamins and give the kids theirs without any hassle because both our and their containers look similar.  The vitamins are also the same colors.  The real difference is the shape of the vitamins: ours are round, theirs are like gummy bears.  This avoids any confusion, and they will always go for the bears anyway.

Vitamins for parents and children alike are chewable which is fantastic for me.  I have a phobia of swallowing the giant mama pills I have had to in the past.  More than just chewable, they are really easy for the children to chew because they are the softest of the chewable vitamins we have tried in the past.  This makes for fast consumption and less chocking concerns for parents.  Additionally the texture and the assorted flavors are a hit with the little ones.  Quite frankly same for the adult vitamins.
If you are ready to try Target up&up vitamins, be sure to visit their coupon site, this is a treasure chest for fans of their awesome brand! #spon


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