IPAD Blogger Opportunity

IPAD Blogger Opp

Event Dates: April 1-April 30, 2013
You do NOT have to be a blog to sign up.  Any company or rep can sign up as long as you will promote.  You are able to post the Rafflecopter code right to facebook so all your fans can see it.

Co-host (host page and up to four links): $25
Host Page $15
Additional Links: $2
Daily Votes: $4
Comment page $8

Referral Prize: Free Co-host.  the next top 3 will get host pages

ALL money raised will go towards the prize.  Any money that is OVER the prize value will be put onto an ITUNES gift card and also given to the winner.

This will bring in TONS of new fans and a LOT of page views for all co-hosts, hosts and comment page.

Host Page:  All entries will be done via Rafflecopter.  I will be breaking down the entries onto smaller RC forms.  You will be sent the code for your form.  You will need to post that and get the link back to me within 24 hours of receiving the code.  This will ensure that ALL rules are followed by facebook, twitter, pinterest and other sites.
Please let them know Cool Moms Cool Tips Sent you