A Tribute to Female Bloggers in Celebration of the International Women Day

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First, we celebrate those who before us fought for our equality in the world. Sally Ride, first female astronaut 1983, Amelia Earhart, first female pilot to attempt flying around the globe, first woman president? That was Isabel Peron in Argentina, etc. Unfortunately, despite great steps forward, we still have room for improvement--heads ups: Key West, Fl. is one if the few places in the country paying cent to cent same pay for men and women....did anyone say welcome to Monroe county? ;-)

Secondly we celebrate women who contribute to society in their disciplines. Think for instance of Danika Patrick, first woman to win at Indy races 2008, Herta Muller noble prize winner for literature
2009, among many amazing women achieving high accolades and recognition.

To me it is really about being thankful for these women who have paved the way for us, and celebrating amazing women around me who with little love, care and steps change the lives of those around them. It is also about celebrating the women in my family and my female friends.

This is why, today I celebrate grandly my female blogging friends.
Laptop, documents and business supplies in a home officeAmong you I have found single mothers trying to make a living while  contributing to other's lives; working moms who find the time to put their  thoughts into typed words and with their stories fill our hearts, make us laugh, and remind us there is someone that relates to us out there. How about the coupon savvy gal who constantly alerts us to the next great bargain saving us a bundle on all of our family's needs?
Close to my heart is the reviewing blogger who gives us the nitty gritty on products and services without ever being mean, always being graceful and insightful.
Through blogging I have found many women advocating for those who can't, trying for all of us to realize the hardships of others, and telling us how we can make a difference.
The home chefs are a life saver for this kitchen bum who runs to a delicious blog every time company is over or when there are no more dinner ideas.
Home-schooling was such a foreign concept for me, and now, thanks for amazing mother who blog their journey I see the beauty of it (and the double work load they carry)

Education, equality, decoration, inspiration, weight loss, humor, motherhood, making or saving money, compassion, what ever the topic of any one blog, passion and care is always at the heart of it all.

As I get to know bloggers through the essays and posts they share, I confirm how far we have come. I marvel at how now we create brands and businesses out of our hearts and homes!

A hobby or a full time job, blogging let's us enter into your world, and time and time again you welcome us with wonderful thoughts.
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You are all the epitome of Entrepreneurship! Diligently working away, perhaps you haven't seen yourself as one, but consider that in the end business women contribute everything to society. To begin with, they are contributing to their communities by raising well-rounded little
people that will one day be an integral part of the world giving in their own special way. Besides managing successfully the basic building block of society - the family, according to statistics, you
most likely have a career and your blogging. Wow, talk about juggling!

Back to the Entrepreneurship point: all of the wealth is created by entrepreneurs, who took a chance and worked like crazy to make a business succeed. Just like you are with your blog. Every company
started with one person, so has your blog.

Engineers couldn't build anything if the government didn't take taxes from businesses created by entrepreneurs. Pilots can only fly because an entrepreneur started an airline. Writers and TV producers can only provide entertainment because entrepreneurs started production companies. You get the idea

Operating a business is very difficult. In your world. you are a manager, a PR officer. an accountant, a communications specialist and the IT person, oh yes, the receptionist getting the packages at the
door too. Hope you are not in a firing mood, madame HR ;-)

Entrepreneurs have also done a lot to improve the quality of life in the world, and so are you with your blog, probably read in more than 3 countries getting readers interested in what you blog about.businessmen,businesswomen,celebrations,cheering,clapping,crowds,groups,parties,offices,people,special occasions,functions
We are grateful and in full celebration mood as we offer you our small tribute you your female blogging friends!
Now we invite you all to honor important women in your life and support your fellow bloggers, come on hug one or two virtually today as they are the new outlet for all of our needs in cyberspace!

Cheers to you we say, and plow on forward! Yes we can, and we can with love and grace at every turn.
To our sensational female member bloggers!

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