Travel Inspired Strawbunnie Smoothie

We are excited to welcome our new friend Kendra into our Cool Moms Cool Tips world . We share with her the travel, food and family passion.
A little about her in her own words:

I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old!
Now stepping out of the corporate spotlight to take on my role of being the number one mom and wife to a family of three, I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have mixed my excitement for travel by bringing the taste of authentic cuisine to my own home with some of my unique recipes and some great travel tips

We are looking forward to a long relationships with Kendra exchanging road warrior tips for you

Here is a fabulous Easter cool tips, travel inspired, of course!

I just got back from Las Vegas, where I was tantalized with a fabulous strawberry peanut butter smoothie that I was served during my stay at the Cosmopolitan, one of the best hotels in Las Vegas for great food! I was so utterly and completely taken with this frothy concoction, that I decided to bring this recipe back with me to Chicago and transform it into a great Easter treat for my kids!

Strawbunny Smoothie Recipe:

(Makes about 2 cups)


- 1½ cup of frozen strawberries
- 4 tsp. of low-fat vanilla yogurt
- 2 tsp. of peanut butter
- ½ cup of skim milk
- 2 Marshmallow Peeps


Put everything in the blender and blend. (I find it is easier to add in the strawberries a couple at a time…the mixing will go by much easier!)

--- To make the smoothie even more festive serve it on top of a plate with Easter grass. I love having this be my breakfast decoration at the kitchen table Easter morning. I usually put some chocolate eggs around the bottom sitting on top of the grass.

Don’t forget to place a “Peep” marshmallow in the smoothie – the frothiness of the drink is a perfect place for him to sit!

I hope you enjoy this just as much as my family and I do!