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We are always running around.
We are always running around town in our car.

photo.JPGOur daily routines always include several trips.  Take for  example a simple weekday:
we drive to grandparents for a morning snack,
drop off at school, pick up at school,
playground time
go to our extracurricular activities and
finally drive back home.
That could easily be at least 30 miles a day.

On weekends, we are back to the car running errands or driving to fun activities.

We live in a city where traffic can be nightmarish and unfortunately there is no hope in sight for traffic to improve.  Truth be told, we are not the best drivers in the world, and if to that you ad the tourists that visits us every day, we end up with a crazy combination of people behind the wheel.
photo.JPGI think even if it were the safest city in the world to drive in, you never know what may happen.  Accidents occur in  a split second and for many reasons.

This is why we are so grateful to have Britax in our lives.
We have discovered there is no safer car seat in the industry as any of the different styles and versions that Britax has.
From first hand experience the ease of installation plus their new click it technology has parents comfort written all over them.  Of course kids ride comfortably in these car seats, so they just sit and enjoy every trip. 
Far more importantly is the safety of this car seats.  The features like click tight for secure and safe car seat installation every time, or HUGS chest pads with Safe Cell technology,  paired to the above regulation standards used to construct the car seats are beyond any peace of mind anything can possibly give me as a parent.
A priceless jewel.

Definitively, the one advice everyone should be giving you at your baby shower: get Britax! 
By the way, these are very durable and long lasting car seats that more than survive milk spill, crushed and mashed food, and all the harsh treatment kids put things through.  We simply love the easy to wash and clean these car seats.
With amazing Britax Car Seats, our driving feels like we have a special bubble protecting our munchkins while we keep our schedules in check, run our busy lives and from time to time simply sit back and enjoy each other while we drive around.
We will not be slowing down on our driving any time soon, so bring it on while we ride in Britax style!   Britax has our back :-)

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