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If your eyes are your window to the world, what would happen if you lost your eye sight? As I ponder on this, the consequences would really be devastating to me and my family. First off I love to learn. I am a very visual person and learn very quickly when I see rather than when I hear things. Secondly, my work demands my sharpest expert eyes to discern and define the best hues and undertones of color to deliver amazing (and correct) advertising messages. I do without my sight and professionally I am rendered useless.
More than my career, what off my family? I wouldn't be able to see my little ones grow up, or see them win a race, walk down the aisle one day, nor see them light up when I walk into a room. This truly will break my heart!
Surely, I would become a burden as I loose my independence and ability to do for my family. Instead, they would end up doing it all for me.
I can't begin to imagine how much more clumsy and frustrated I would be.

Definitively would miss seeing my beach
By the way, being that summer is here, please care for your eyes, don't forget to use your sunglasses.  Hats and caps can also help reduce the direct hit of sun rays to your eyes.

To get a sense of what not having my eyes to rely on would be like, last night we sat for dinner in complete darkness.  We broke dishes, had food on the floor, took some time to find the silverware, spilled juice.  What a mess!  The worst feeling of all was to fish for food, and then have no idea what I was really putting in my mouth until I was able to taste it.  Definitively, my eyesight is precious and without it I wouldn't be myself.  I would not only feel like I have lost who I am, but in a way my family.  What would be of my little ones without mom's watchful eye?

It is so important to take preventive measures and care for our eyesight that  our regular eye exams can help prevent or detect other illnesses like diabetes or hypertension. These sicknesses in turn affect our eye sight to the point that we can loose it because of them. Same with HIV/Aids and tuberculosis.

Besides our annual eye exams (for the entire family) we propose the use of Transition Lenses which adjust: they are clear indoors and adapt to the different light outdoors to protect your eyesight while becoming eyeglasses and sunglasses at the same time.  These lenses defend our eye vision from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, and protect against glare reduces vision and causes eye fatigue.
Transitions is committed to our eyes health. This is why they are the 2013 Official Sponsor of Sightseeing (OSS) program, an effort to educate on keeping our eyes healthy and the importance of it.   Here is an image of the latest event in San Antonio.
2013 Transitions ADA Events- San Antonio.jpeg
We invite you to assess the state of your eye sight by visiting here  for a simple self-exam that will ask you among others your race and gender because those may become risk factors for you.

In addition to regular eye check ups and Transition lenses, we have modified our diet to include good eye Heath promoters like carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli and kale. Did you know the super vision powers of these veggies?

Caring for your eye can be more fun than you think,  Consider joining the upcoming Twitter party “Summer Eye Safety” June 19, 2013 from 9-10 PM EST.

Don't forget to schedule your and your family's vision check up :-)
See you around!