Herotopia: Online Fun Educational Game for Kids

There are several online games we have played around with.  Despite not being big on online games, it is always a good extra tool to entertain the children with for us.

The latest one we just tried out is called Herotopia, and we all love it. 

Herotopia is fun, engaging, dynamic and educational.  Designed with the idea that children are the super heroes of the future, we are given a virtual image of our world where good practices and learning about our global diversity in a safe environment is the final offer of this game.

What the children like about the game:

·  Kids like being able to create / customize their own super hero

· They also like  the different missions they set out on.

· The ease of playing the game

· The graphics and color used for the different scenarios and cities
I loved the fact that when my child registered, I got an email with all the details and password. Also, we are big on the fact that the children get to explore different cities.  Take for example New York.  Different areas or landmarks are featured like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building and the Rockefeller center.  Besides being featured, facts on the city are shared like the date when the Brooklyn bridge was constructed.
Additionally, tasks include clean up and conservation. Kids get bonus points for closing a faucet and conserving water or picking up trash. 
The underlying object of the game is for children to practice global citizenship while learning about cities in our planet.
The one downside for us is that unless you go through the details, it is not so clear what needs to be done at first when you start playing.  Restless children do not wait much for instructions and tips…..
The game rules do state that no bulling or bullying is allowed.
To discover the game yourselves visit www.herotopia.com
When you do, let us know if you agree with us.
Thanks for reading!

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