Tony Hawk and Science at the Museum of Discovery and Science in SouthFlorida!

Tony Hawk is coming to The Museum of Discovery and Science for a RAD SCIENCE STEM challenge on Saturday, July 27 and on Sunday, July 28!
the idea is for all of us visiting to create a skate park that delivers the coolest gravity defying  twisting and turning roller coasters! This is included in the admission fee. 
 Museum visitors will also learn first-hand about the principles of gravity, centripetal force, kinetic and potential energy and friction.
There will be additional activities that require reservation to participate at additional fees. For more details you can call the museum directly 954.713.0930.
What does Sir Isaac Newton have to do with skateboarding? Find out when you explore the 25 interactive exhibits that demonstrate force, momentum, acceleration, velocity and inertia in the new traveling exhibit, Tony Hawk: RAD Science. This new exhibition shows how skateboarding uses important physics principles to produce radical tricks in 25 interactive experiences including:
Bodacious Board Balance: Ride stationary skateboards designed to test your balance in classic tricks like “grinding” and “manuals” on the safety of a padded surface.
900 Vert Theatre: Watch a short video and see the first time Tony Hawk ever successfully completed the "900" (2.5 revolutions in mid air) in competition.
Board Drop: Predict which skateboard will drop first in this exhibit that demonstrates the principle of free fall.
Weight vs. Mass: Does gravitational force change your weight or mass? Step on a skate deck scale to find out your weight and mass on the sun and on all the planets in our solar system.
Radical Trick Breakdown: Using super slow motion video frame-by-frame, break down the four most common skateboarding street 
and much more!

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