Arrigo Automotive Group: A South Florida Dealership to Discover!

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I stumbled upon this visiting a Facebook page for Arrigo Automotive Group.
It made me smile, it made me think I am part of the 34.5%  and it made me curious as to who these seemingly factual, fun and friendly people were.
Here is the short of it:
The group is made out of 3 dealerships in Florida:  West Palm, Tamarac and Fort Pierce.
They pride themselves in having the largest selection of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Ram vehicles in the area.  To these we can add two Fiat stores in Sawgrass and Palm Beach.  It seems that it is family owned and operated, but couldn't tell you for sure.
From their fan page I was taken by how friendly they seem to be.  Specially for a car dealership.  No offense, but I always equate these places with shark pins.  As much as I love cars and driving them, I dread having to go get a new one.   
I love how they celebrated veteran day, father's day.  Test fans skills, play games and tease your brain. They also give you tips on saving gas and tell you not to text and drive with research to back this up.
Right not they are having a contest:  when they reach 1500 fans, someone is going to win a $500 gas card.
I went to visit their site and found that they do not only sell cars.  They take care of  parts, service and body shop.  Of course you have a finance section and a whole chapter that helps you
find your new car.  If you have something particular in mind, they can alert you when your dream vision comes available.
Better than all of the above was that they do have live chat.  An image with a face and an actual name popped-up and made themselves available in case I need help.

If these friendly folks are a reflection of how they conduct business I might just have to visit them soon.
How do you feel about car dealers?


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