Seattle, Discover a Novel PreSchool and Take a Parenting Class!

It is all about pre-school!  With a name like Little Explorer Preschool we are curious and excited
This is a very novel concept for us.  .  We have Sally, a very accomplished educator with lots of tittles under her belt including MBA.
Her personal educational philosophy is "I believe when raising a child, you are raising a future adult. Each step made in childhood, especially in the first 5 years, builds the foundation for life long skills, more than any other time. I have worked majority of my life providing loving, nurturing, environments and curriculum for children and parents to learn so the next generation can have the best starting advantage possible in life! "
Well Little Explorers Preschool has set out to do just that for your little ones.  This is all done in the most nurture settings of all Ms. Sally's own home!  Everything has been fitted first for the care of her own children.  now that is pre-school, education is very conducive.  It is all about hands on learning while having and lesson- adventure through play.  
Here is an overview of the curriculum:

Discover the above and much more  here at their site
Besides the schooling, Little Explorer Preschool ventures out and contributes to the community with reading series, plus special classes for parents.

We are sad to say that it is too far for you: near Seattle.  We hope it is the perfect place for our readers in the area.
Little Explorers Preschool is pleased to offer reader at Cool Moms Cool Tips and Life is a Journey Not a Destination a chance to win a full time one week at the school or a parental class to a lucky winner!

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