Proskin Leggings: Sliming and Less Cellulite #28DayChallenge

This is a sponsored post , we received the product as  compensation. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

We are very excited about trying out a slimming product that is practically making its debut in the USA.  Widely known in Europe and among celebrities, Proskin are coming to America.
We are talking about high tech compression leggings that promises reduction of centimeters and of the appearance of cellulite while it contributes to lymphatic drainage.
Big, big claims that we will be putting to the test in the next 28 days.  We are taking you along with us, and for the next 4 weeks we will report back what we observe using the leggings.
Proskin Slim Clinical Tests Results

So, how do these leggings get to work on their promise?
Well, the leggings are made out of a patented revolutionary fabric that contains:
Caffeine - A renowned active slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction.
Retinol - A skin regenerator, which stimulates collagen, giving youthful appearance to the skin.
Vitamin E - An antioxidant that helps the skin feel smoother and softer.
Aloe Vera - To help the skin feel smoother and softer.
Ceramides - Restores the skin’s barrier system providing an immediate tensor effect.
Fatty Acids - Natural ingredients existing in our skin. They are the perfect vehicles to improve the penetration of the rest of the active principles into the skin.

All of the above are ingredients are found in the microencapsulated  yarn of the fabric and released gradually into the skin attacking the main culprits of cellulite (blood circulation, fluid retention and lymphatic drainage) as the leggings are used. 

Results are achieved by using the leggings, having an exercise routine and healthy eating habits.

Honestly I am a bit skeptical.  I have been dealing with weight issues ever since baby was born, and with cellulite since I was 15 despite being very athletic and thin back then. 
Nevertheless, I am hopeful that the claims come to be! 
Can you imagine a simple garment that paired to what we are already doing for weight loss (exercise and diet) can accelerate the process of loosing inches for us?  Then you add the possibility of waiving good bye to cellulite....yes, it sounds like a magic pill. 

Well, let's put it to the test together.  This pear shaped gal can't wait to tell you all about it!
What do you think?  To good to be true?

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