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I may not be the definition  of a road warrior, but I certainly feel like one often enough.  Traveling a lot, I do find myself encountering long delays, being bumped from flights or simply stranded in many different places around the globe.  Unfortunately for me, I am not that comfortable using the facilities at many airports.  Nevertheless, after long hours of working or intense tourist action to get to the airport, to find out you are not leaving for another 12 hours and are stuck like chuck...well, the urge to be clean and fresh is pretty much the one thing you keep thinking about until you arrive at your final destination.  Thing is, upon homecoming, I always want to throw myself at my one and only prince charming upon arrival, but I always shy away in search for a good shower.
I do practice good hygiene and lucky for me, I have a new ally in my quest. 

cool moms cool tips fresh and sexy #shop #cbias

During my last trip out of the country, I was stranded waiting for my flight to depart for hours on end (keep in mind I had started my day at 6 am - after a full work day, found myself in the lounge for 6 hours, with 7 more hours until departure time due to mechanical failures...). 

cool moms cool tips fresh and sexy #shop

Every time I travel, like clockwork, someone is asking for me to take to them all sorts of  special request back to them from the USA.  This time, I had purchased for my cousin two packs of "Fresh and Sexy Wipes".  Being the last minute packer that I am, these ended up in my carry on.  This was definitively not a coincidence!
I felt sorry for my cousin, but I was sure she would understand I was in desperate need to feel comfortable and fresh after so many hours in the same change of clothes.  So, I tried these wipes out, and yes, they totally did the trick.  I was short of having taken an amazing shower and being in my PJs: it just so good!  It a great renovating feeling.

On my way back,  I carried my new found travel companion Fresh and Sexy (the pack I now owe my cousin).  This time, although I had no delays, I was going from plane to date night, and didn't have time to go home and prepare.  It was then, in the middle of and airport bathroom that I took advantage once again of the wipes, changed into going out clothes, did my make up, tried my best at my hair and went to meet my wonderful date feeling fresh and sexy, ready for the night adventures!
Definitively a quick and easy way of feeling confident and ready to share with your better half.  Isn't it marvelous to still find the spark after a few years with your better half?


What I like the most about the wipes:
cool moms cool tips fresh and sexy #shop

After discovering Fresh and Sexy wipes, feeling ready and confident is a breeze when a shower is nowhere in sight.  I now have a pack handy in my nightstand drawer, in my ready to go travel bag, in my gym bag...I think I am covered. 

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