Scary Car Story to Avoid

The House of Horror!
Haunted houses are popping up everywhere in time for ghosts and goblins to enjoy Halloween. 
A happy time for most can easily become a frightening ordeal. Muaaaahahahaha (scary laugh for special effect....)
Mother witch was riding her broom along a very busy main road. Baby cat and little cat safely strapped on their mega comfortable and very safe Britax pumpkin car seats. Traffic rush hour at its height and darkness looming over as the fall early nightfall approaches. If you are in Miami, you know this is a stressful moment.  No one seems to want to get home except you, and slow drivers are on the left lane while fast drivers are weaving traffic.
Then you have the ambulance honking and blaring its siren like mad while no one seems to make way, you give it way, maneuver around crazy drivers tailing the ambulance get back into position, whewww.  A pause with the red light.  This is the time to check on the kids, probably stop the fighting that may be going on, or continue the conversation on how everything went at school today.
Mother witch is also running in her mind a to do list before the day is over, and making sure all the ingredients for her dinner menu to be in the kitchen.  The light turns green and....the car  won't move.  Of course, this mother witch understands nothing about how the car works other than insert and turn the key, put gear in drive and accelerate, and yes, gas please.  What in the world could be happening?  Not sure, but there you are: stranded in the middle lane of one of the busiest avenues of the city with screaming and hungry children in the backseat who have yet to start on homework.  People are honking and you have no solutions. The car of horror!!
Yup, this happened to me, because it turns out that besides gas, cars need oil changes, and some preventive measures.  Turns out the tires were also about to go out.
Now that I know a little more of the needs of my car, I am taking full advantage of Williamson Buick GMC dealer.  Not only will I get my new car there, but will also be making good use of the servicing center to go in for regular check ups on the car.  What I already like is the dedicated section to specials on parts, so that will help my pocket book when the time comes.
As I browse the site I do find plenty to pick my interest.  But also it was very nice to have available help to answer my questions a type away.

So my little car of horror will soon be total peace of mind, and the only scary moments this Halloween will be my little cat woman and my Spiderman on a sugar rush from all the candy they will get trick or treating!

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