Friendsgiving is #MyKindOfHoliday

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Thanksgiving is definitively and adopted holiday for us.  We love it because of it!s meaning.  The chance it gives us to stop, reflect and be thankful for what we have.  
Because it is a family affair, early on, it became a Friendsgiving festivity for us.  Our closest international friends were left behind on campus and we would come together to adopt the holiday in our own way.  
Yes we included turkey but never once did stuffing and the side dishes always included beans and rice.
We would sit at the table, and each of us would say something we were thankful for and propose a program for us to volunteer together for the following year.

As we graduated and some of us moved to different cities, we still try as much as we can to get together and continue our new tradition which now has 10 years in the running and includes wives, husbands and children.

This year, I am hosting the celebrations and truth be told I am very unprepared!  I have been traveling a lot for work and haven't had a chance to think about our Friendsgiving celebration which is two weeks away!  I need to replace my wine glasses and get some sort of tray to serve cheese and other appetizers while we seat for dinner.
Breath, get in the car, today is the only day available to prepare.

I am sooo lucky, my first stop is across my street at my favorite Target.  As I enter the store I realize I am breathing as tranquility sets in because Target solves all my Friendsgiving celebration needs:

wine glasses: check
cheese tray: check

I also chose from these besutiful serving trays to add fun colors to my table:

Great!  Because right after dinner we do not watch football games, but instead movies, I was able to pick up a couple tittle for the entire family, and stopped by the offices supplies/ arts and crafts section to get materials for a the kids to make this friendly turkey!

When the time comes closer, I will go back in and pick up the ingredients for the meal.  So happy to have a Super Target so close by!

I am ready for #MyKindofHoliday , are you?

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