Jaybird: A Must for All Ear Bud Users

Talk about being blown away by a product! We want these! No, wait, we need these.
When we saw the site, we couldn't really register the product claim "meet the MVP of secure fit wireless ear buds".  Wait, what?
Yes, you read correctly,  words can't tell the real story, please take a look at this video
JAYBIRD BLUEBUDS X // Product Overview from JayBird on Vimeo.
The video left me speechless and needing them with a sense of total urgency.  More than blown away its like totally hurricaned away!!
This is powerful stuff!  Wow, this is truly revolutionary.  It changes the comfort and power of music for athletes and active individuals.
In our normal daily routine I am 50% of my day listening to something using my ear buds.  This is usually on my way to work which means I get on the train.  My mayor aggravation with this is that it seems no pair of ear buds fit my ear properly and they are always falling out.  To make things worse, when I move my head around or are walking to my building something always catches the cord and the ear buds are yanked out.  I am sure you can relate.
It is even more aggravating when I am exercising with all the movement that I do.  there is no way to part with my ear buds as bad as they are because I listen to my books and listen to my music to get motivated and really get into my exercise routine, but this is an unwelcomed interruption.
So we are very happy to have discovered Jaybird ear buds.  These are definitely not your ordinary earphones.  
There is no cord to bounce around while you exercise.  No cord to yank out the ear buds when you move your head or jump up and down.

  Add to that the fact that  Jaybird ear buds have a patented secure fit which translates into 3 sized attachments that fit around the ear piece to hold it in your ear.
this is what that looks like:

 You simply can't go wrong. Where have these been all my listening life!
As you see, these Jaybird state of the art headphones for active lifestyles are really for every lifestyle because who wants their pair falling out every five minutes?  Who doesn't want a pair that fits perfectly and comfortably in our ears?
The good news is that  every single day someone will win a pair of free headphones from this campaign. You can enter every day!!!
Don't miss out.  Hey, if you don't want them, think Christmas lists.  Surely there is someone you can spoil with these amazing ear buds.
To help you out, we are sharing these couple of links that you will find very helpful and insightful:
http://marker.ly/b/jaybird/10887/8    -- Jaybird Homepage
http://marker.ly/b/jaybird/10887/9    -- Direct link to store purchase
Off to browse these some more. I am drooling over these. Right now they are the only thing on my nice girls Christmas wish list :-)

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