My Kind Of Holiday Includes Black Friday - Girl Shopping Time!

Black Friday is such a perfect excuse for a girl gathering in our family. Not quite like girls night out obviously but it does have many of the same components for us:
-dancing: victory dance when find an amazing deal
-getting ready: we all meet at moms in our most comfortable pair of flats and together we make our pony tails part of our game face, just a little ritual.
-laughs and good times sharing time together.
-a little glass of something when we get back home as we review our purchases and relive what made us laugh the most.
It is a strong tradition as much as having our thanksgiving dinner
Right after dessert on Thursday night we are looking at the bargains
Every one makes the list of items to get per store so we can dart for them, and they give some minutes to browsing.  My bargains are all coming out of Target this time Black Friday.

Tonight we got right to it, and discovered everyone had their lists covered with just one stop: Target!
and as you see above, we don't have to wait for Black Friday to get the deals store opened at 8!
Although we are very familiar with the layout of Target stores, we were not going to our neighborhood Target, so to be sure we used a great tool on the site: map your doorbusting, to know where exactly we needed to go to find the items we planned on getting.
This was easy and revealing.  After studying the store map for a bit we decided we would all head together to the toy section, and then from there we could go into electronics. So, off we went
I was the first who deviated from the plan.  As soon as we entered the store I headed for the racks on $4, $6, and $10 movies.  Great selections were available:  Monster's University, Planes and Hotel Transylvania for the kids.  Perfect!  From there I tried going to the toy section, but got distracted by great deals that were lined up between aisles.  
That's when I spotted mom at the kid clothes section and we headed together to see the toys.  Like the best grandma that she is, moms seemed to be getting one of everything into her cart.  Yes, the grand kids are going to be very busy Christmas morning at this rate!  I had me heart and eyes set on spoiling my nephew this Christmas, and so I jumped over to electronics, to get my favorite item and price of the night
Oh, I can't wait to give him his gift,  he has been needing this to help him with school and work.  Now that concluded checking everything off my list.
Checking out was so organized and so fast, I can't help but thanks the staff for their preparations and smiles despite so many customers in the store.  I was a pleasure to see how diligent and efficient they all were.  In the end, they made it enjoyable and easy for me to cross off everything on my list, sit at the Starbucks in store to wait for my  shopping crew mates while I declared my holiday shopping done!
It is such a treat to share laughs, time with the girls, and  get so much done while saving money.  Honestly, I believe we all secretly count down to Black Friday :-)
Share with us your tips for the shopping extravaganza. We would love to incorporate some more fun!

Hope you all had a fulfilling and blessed celebration.

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