At Thanksgiving, Thankful for Our Military

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Last week we celebrated Veterans' Day, and our little ones were very interested in the meaning of the holiday. We explained how on this day we celebrate those who have and are, our nation's heroes among us. 
As we go forward on the holiday calendar, Thanksgiving in sight.  So, this week we focused on the meaning of being thankful, and counting our blessings as we help others.
As we begun finding a project for school, our elder munchkin suggested we showed how thankful we are to our armed forces.  What a great idea!  Perfect way to connect holidays too :-)
 I was deeply touched because  we are not a military family, but I saw how my little one is concerned for others. 
Definitively, this has me reflecting on all the big and small things I am grateful for. 
In the big scope of things, I am grateful for the freedom we owe to those who ave always been ready to offer the ultimate sacrifice to honor and preserve the values of a strong, open nation.
So, as witnesses from afar of your bravery, sacrifice, honor, and preservation of a marvelous way of life, we humbly salute you,veterans and active military alike.

It is specially difficult for me, when I think of all the parents, more so, of all  moms in the military. You show us courage day in and day out. 
Definitely we celebrate you in our #ThankfulConBritax post and activities, as we teach our little ones to appreciate and support others inspired by you.

So, to show our gratittude, we put together care packs for active duty personnel.
Not much, but definitively, out they go full of our gratitude and with our prayers  for your safe return, as well as for the strength and happiness of your families.  

We packed goodies and made as many boxes as we could. Loaded them up and strapped kids in their super safe Britax Pinnacle 90  and Advocate70-G3 car seats and off we went to deliver our care packs at the Homestead base near us.

I am very thankful for the kindness extended to the children offering them thanks for the delivery.  The kids were beaming with the salutes they received from the soldiers.

I am thankful for my kids who got me into this affair.
We hope you enjoy our care packs and letter :-)
Thank you, hero, for protecting my family
Happy thanksgiving and a big thank you to all of our military heroes and their families!

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