Tips for Lightweight Travel

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With prices on checked luggage going up, as well as that of excess luggage, it is time to start thinking about traveling light.  Hold on we didn't say we were going to fore go style or comfort, so we can all breathe now :-)
At first it seem like mission impossible, but with a little thought into it, it is now second nature.  Nothing like being able to get in and out quickly of trips, cars, trains, planes, places to see, you name it!
Key to the lightweight packing is that in the end you should look like you packed all your wardrobe and more than just the essentials in your bags.
To that end, consider theses tips
cool moms cool tips at blogspot
Putting this tips into good use, usually leaves us with some leftover room which we don't discard:  our purchases and souvenirs will fit there and we will still be practically a hands free traveler!

Safe and Happy Light Travels

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