One Stop Shop for Every Need this Holiday Season!

We were invited to the BJs blogger tour which we enjoy so much every time.  Our conclusion: BJs has done it again!
What we mean by this is that all of your regular routine needs are covered from cleaning products, to furniture, right by electronics and food at this store.  This year, like every prior, your holiday needs from A to Z are again taken care off by BJs!
Why do we say this?
Well, first of all we told you a couple of weeks ago, how you can get a free turkey at BJs here.
Now, besides getting all you staples at BJs, the holidays are more than covered.  Thanksgiving was easy!!!! Food, check, big screen TV to watch the football games? check again!!
Now that Turkey day has been easily been take care off at BJs, let's look  at Christmas.
This is what my normal Christmas list might look like on November 30h:
Outdoor decorations
wrapping paper
gifts for boys
gifts for girls
corporate looking gifts
electronic gifts
special items for a spectacular table setting
Christmas dinner items
Christmas dinner table enhancements (name plates etc)

Lucky for me there is a one -stop shop for all my family's needs, as well as for my special occasions dreams.  With BJs a quick visit usually gives me ideas and tools to carry out events that my guests will truly enjoy while I don't put in so much work putting everything together with value and good entertainment in mind.
A good example is the great and helpful very cool dual wine cellar
If foo in in your mind there is so much to pick from.  You can do your groceries, shop for all the ingredients or pick up ready made platters
For children there is no shortage of gifts and clothes for all ages
We are considering the fabulous snowman for our front lawn.
My Chris Cringle will be getting one of the many gift cards available at the store
You see, there is much for every day life and special occasions to get covered at BJs,  I don't know what I would do without them.
Now, if only I could decide which trip to book for our upcoming vacation......
What are you getting next at BJ's?

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