Save time and Make Time for the Holidays!

Yay!!! the holidays are here!!!
Oh-oh, the holidays are here...
"Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears and Kmart.
All opinions expressed here are my own.”

Year round we are very busy.  Always on the run, meeting deadlines, making schedules work, taking care of home, business, life in general means that sometimes we do have to force ourselves to stop and smell the roses.  Now the holidays are upon us, and it seems to get crazier with all the have to's, and want to's on our lists.
To get to my list of "want to" faster and not worry of my pending "must or need to" list, this year I am relying on online shopping at Sears and  Kmart
No only will I avoid crowds, lines and madness at the actual store, I will also have a great convenient fabulous feature to make good use of:
FREE in store pickup, which is guaranteed in 5 minutes (or whenever you are ready)
Too busy to go yourself? No problem, you can delegate someone to do so.
You can ALSO pay at the store if you prefer to.

So, I will get myself baking cookies, sharing with my family, partaking in our 3 week long holiday traditions and maybe even finding new traditions to take on....I think I will look into some volunteering to spread the cheer around!
What do you think you will do if you get free time for the holidays?

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