Hug and Kiss Your Kids Tightly this Valentine's!

The overwhelming love that fills you from the moment you see your bundle of joy is unimaginable. Despite what people may prepare you for, it all falls short.  As a Britax Latina Blogger/Advisory Board Member (and in partnership with Mami Innovative Media), this post is part of a sponsored outreach. All opinions expressed are my own.
Remember that first day you took your precious baby back home?  Hopefully she rode in total safety and  comfort in a Britax infant car seat. 

The love for our children grows day by day as does our sense of responsibility for their well being. No matter how small the issue at hand, we as parents constantly strive to give them the best.
The best choice of school, best choice of food, best choice of doctors and care takers.

One of us at Cool Moms Cool Tips is a mom that is constantly on the road. That just means that this moms does have a big rush before she jumps on a plane once again because she really doesn't have the luxury making a u-turn, like some of us have.
Getting everything prepared and in order is sometimes mental gymnastics that she lovingly is happy to do for her little ones.

In line with all parenting concerns she trusts the safety and comfort of her children as they ride around town in Britax car seats and strollers.  This truly gives her the peace of mind she needs for the separation she reluctantly endures as she is off to work. While she would never want to be far from her kids, knowing she is giving them the best, just makes the separation a little easier. This is pure #AmorConBritax (Love with Britax) that she receives and gives!

Today she is back  in time to celebrate Valentine's day. We know she can't wait to hug her munchkins and fill up on her dose of hugs and kisses!!  In turn they are waiting with lots of surprises that are sure to melt her heart even more! That is what we call a good homecoming celebration!  Celebrate the children in your life as you give them the best with all your #AmorConBritax!

How are you celebrating Valentine's with the kids this year?

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