Nothing but OtterBox for My Smartphone!

I can't live without my smartphone.  It goes everywhere with me or else I feel naked!  I use it like most to communicate, play, organize and have fun taking pictures.  It is also a work tool for me, and I love being able to blog, tweet and share with my readers on the go.
Having my phone practically 24 x 7 with me, and my hectic life means that it will suffer some mishaps.  
Usually this happens because I am multitasking and believing I can carry more than I actually can.
Yes, my phone has also survived miraculously falling into water and brutal falls.
Just as I used spending endless hours with my laptop, my smartphone is kind of my new best friend.  Now a banged up friend that holds up valiantly to my use and abuse.  
After all the lack of attention, I have now decided my trusty device deserves proper care.  By that I mean proper protection against the hazards of life, and that is to me synonymous with OtterBox, the number 1 selling smartphone case! 

Thanks to OtterBox who is sponsoring this post, my phone is now proudly protected by the OtterBox commuter series wallet for iPhone 5 &5s series.  

In the spirit of multitasking, wallet and protection all in one sounds just perfect to me!  Every time I can, for quick errands I rather not go with my bulky, larger than life-with all the magic trick in it, bag.  Put very simply the slim case keeps my cards and ID secure and handy while I get the OtterBox protection for the phone.  Another reason it comes extremely useful to me is using it to commute on the train! It used to be that walking through the gate for the metro, I thought people had an app I hadn't heard about to pay the fare.  It turns out, that putting my metro pass in my commuter series wallet means that I get to swipe my phone to use the metro pass.  Heaven sent!!! I will never, ever forget my metro pass in another purse or at home again, because I never leave my phone behind! Oh, and no, there is no special app, I realized other passengers where already using their OtterBox commuter wallet series.

About the product itself, it has a rubber inner layer that goes on first.  Then comes the sturdy outer shell which  is where you have the compartment that makes it a wallet.  To store your documents, all you need to do is slide out the bottom "leaf".  To close it you just slide it back into position and the click sound will let you know you are good to go. Voila! You discreetly have money, ID or credit cards right next to your phone.

The package also comes with a screen film plus an applicator and a cleaning cloth.

This makes me ready and on the run! I am really appreciating my OtterBox case!!!

How about you?  Would you like to protect your smartphone with OtterBox?  Here is your chance, we have a giveaway for you to a case of your preference.
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