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Being a mom brings great joy to life. It also adds a few layers of ‘to-dos” to your life!
While you are busy running around, making sure everyone is feed right, preventing or dealing with sniffles and sneezing noses, ensuring appointments are scheduled and kept, chauffeuring everyone to baseball practice, piano and swimming lessons, getting groceries before they run out, being a motivator, teacher, mentor, friend, daughter, sister and friend you will find little or no time allocated to you.

Yes, fitting in a girls night out , or simply finding the time to stop and read a few pages on that book you have been wanting to read for the last 4 years seems like the most difficult task of them all, and, let’s be honest, the first one you are willing to give up.
Truth be told, it is the same with our health.  While we are well aware that when mom is sick, chaos may follow, we rarely take time out for our wellness doctor appointments. At best, we grudgingly go to the doctor when we are sick, and sometimes we skip that all together.
We write this today to encourage you to schedule (and keep) a well visit to the doctor.  Moreover, be an expert at it!
We are sure you are a genius at your child’s wellness visit.  Most likely you have a list of topics you want to go over with your pediatrician to discuss health, behavioral issues, development and concerns.
Well, apply your knowledge for you. Become a team with your physician.
Female doctor and woman smiling
Remember to be open, and have a candid discussion with your doctor.  If you are like us, this is the time to act your age (and stop hiding it J ) and share with your doctor:
·       Where are you versus where you should be at health wise commensurate to your age.
·       What (developmental) changes you should be anticipating at your life stage
·       Anything you should be on the look-out for?
·       If you have health issues, is there any progress? What do you need to adjust?
·       What should you be working on to keep healthy?

As we discovered while browsing Molina Heathcare website, most diseases that affect women usually don't have any noticealbe symptons.  This makes it hard to fight these diseases and the outcome is usually not as good when treatment begins in the later stages of disease.  This translates into the fact that your wellness visit is essential to keeping you healthy and alert to what your body and mind need.
Mother and infant child
This year, don’t skip out on you.  Take care of yourself so you can continue being your busy super mom self!

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