White Smiles Complete Your Perfect Look!

 Yes, you, the mom with the busy hectic, never slowing down schedule, how about a little time for yourself? 
 We did just that last week thanks to our friends from Colgate that set up shop at a fabulous salon in Brickell 
I was due for a beauty transformation and when you walk into a space that is a beauty bar you know you are in for some much needed pampering. Yes, I was overdue for it!

First on the agenda: a good hair styling. A good shampoo and a half an hour later Janessa with her amazing talents managed to tame my hair. She also uplifted my mood and gave me serious laughs with her beautiful spontaneous personality. And yes she is a beauty that doesn't stop smiling!

Next to the manicure station! I loved that it was quick. With nails and hair it was off to the make up set.   

I was way late and didn't do it but my friends certainly looked perfect

Photo de best usa

The best complement to getting a beauty transformation is to pair it with your brilliant  smile. This I work on every day, I try giving smiles out as often as I can ( despite what my look might be lol) you really never know how you can change soneones day with small gestures, so care for your pearly whites!