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While we are out making an extra effort to do good for the planet in our daily habits, specially these two weeks leading to Earth Day as we kicked off the celebration here where we shared our Alligator photo, then here with the green skincare, and how we can support our National Parks, we told about the film Bears here, we have now found a new brand to us Hastens.
With a passion for sleep, just like us chasing after our loss of sleep after becoming parents, Hastens has been out on a mission to change the world through sleep, perfecting their technique at offering us the best bed to sleep in since 1852.

Using only the most natural materials like sustainably resourced horsehair, cotton, flax and Sweedish pine among others,the use of natural materials and expert craftmanship results in beds that offer deep natural sleep.  Sounds like a dream!
With the same dedication and drive to work with natural materials, we can count on them to offer us fabulous personal accessories.  We particularly liked these two:

Hästens Travel Pillow
Our inner travel bug is delighted.  I can't wait to test it out in my next trip.  luckily I have 4 upcoming trips in the course of 3 weeks, so if all goes well this will a staple in my adventures.  With 100% duck down this travel pillow is the perfect accessory to guarantee a little beauty rest– whether by air, train, or automobile. Or use it as a makeup bag and zip it up with your loose beauty items with the rugged blue check fabric out. Then when you have settled in to your seat for your long trip reverse the pillow to expose the soft cotton and down interior. Comes in three colors.
Hästens Bathrobe
Perfect for everyday pampering doing good to the planet, a robe fit for royalty with this double cut, terry cloth bathrobe. Made of the most premium quality cotton, it features Hästens blue check design as well.

For more information on the company and their products, you can visit

What green finds have you encountered lately?  We would love to try out your discoveries.