Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tips on Balancing and Enegizing Yourself

What a great opportunity it was to chat with Kristi Yamaguchi at an Alpine lace Deli Cheese webinar last week.  Besides great tips, Alpine Lace Deli Cheese sponsors this giveaway too!
I honestly thought after her skating career and growing up, she was now another housewife and mom.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  After all being a stay home mom is a full time job.  I was surprised to discover that she is also a successful business woman  creator and owner of her own active wear line, spokesperson, mom, wife and much more.
during the webinar, Kristi shared tips on reaching a balanced life while keeping active and healthy.
My favorite thought from her was the fact that just like any regular working mom, she knows that there is not enough time to accomplish it all, so she focussed on prioritizing and finding 30 minutes of me time.
As moms we tend to focus on everyone and everything else. Me time is sometimes just a dream.  Listening to Kristi, I realized that those 30 minutes, truly get the energizing back in my court because I get to dedicate time to the things I love or am passionate about.  I can actually get to read a book without feeling guilty or not taking care of other things!  This was inspiring.  Even extra 30 minutes of sleep will make a difference in your day, and you can count that towards your me time of the day.

Other tips she shared were:

  • To achieve balance, don't forget the little things. Family, career and fun are always needed
  • Always think of convenient healthy snacks to keep handy like fruits and cheese
  • Make time for your friends and stay connected.  When you get toghether, make sure you all shcedule your next time together before you go.
  • Keep a journals to keep track of what you are grateful for or what you are proud off!
  • Get your kids to be active with you
  • Have friend be active with you too, that will get you accountability
  • While you encourage kids to play outside, get playing yourself too.  A good game of Tag burns many calories off!
  • If you work in front of a computer, get breaks to stretch.  I Japan people do it every hour.
  • For a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, moms need to set the example

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  1. These are some great tips. I need to start doing some of these, I pretty much just crash when I get home from work.

  2. I make it a point to workout every day. That is MY time and it's my time to recharge without worrying about anyone else but myself.

  3. It's so hard to find balance when you are juggling so many roles. These are some great tips for getting centered.

  4. It's so important to make "me" time in your day!! Great tips!! And I LOVE Kristi! She's such an amazing woman!!

  5. I love the 3 hour soaking in the tub! After the week I've had; I definitely need to get in more tub soaking with a good book to help bring balance back to my life.

  6. What some great tips - I miss a good soak in the bath (I have to have showers now due to the mobility) I didn't realise quite how relaxing it was till I could only do it once in a bluemoon. x

  7. Ive been trying to start doing this tip: Always think of convenient healthy snacks to keep handy like fruits and cheese

  8. I follow you on pinterest @mermont84

  9. I follow your blog on gfc as memoma #1

  10. I follow your blog on gfc as memoma #2

  11. I follow your blog on gfc as memoma #3

  12. These are great tips, I've got to start trying this one day.

  13. I love the ingredients for a happy life. We have been under a lot of stress lately and I need all the hugs and friends I can get right now.

  14. I think it is super important to have a happy balanced life.I am starting to make a more balanced routine and although I have to cut back on some things, the end result is well worth it.

  15. We always try to keep healthy snacks around. We feel so much better when we eat better.

  16. this is wonderful I really enjoyed it and it's true you have to have balance to be happy.

  17. Life is better when there is balance. Hopefully that will happen for me some day.

  18. This is a nice post. I agree little things really do bring about a nice balance.

  19. I could definitely use some more energy. Oh, soaking in the tub sounds wonderful!

  20. She really seems to have it all together. Her tips are excellent!

  21. Now that is my problem. I need balance and more energy. Amber N

  22. I just got out of a long soak in the tub + was able to fit in 30 minutes of yoga (with a full time job and a toddler!) Couldn't do it without the balance.

  23. I think it is really important to have a friend participate with you and encourage you on your way. That goes both ways and both people will benefit from it.

  24. this post is extremely timely. I have been having a very off day today with the demands of balancing work and family time. Thanks for the reminder

  25. Balance is key to doing it all :) You absolutely have to take time for yourself, otherwise, you wear yourself too thin and cannot be your best. Very cool that you got to meet Kristi.

  26. I totally need to learn how to balance my time. I'm still adjusting to being a mommy. Great tips!

  27. balance is so important throughout your life, each day . Many people are so unbalanced and they don't know it. Great tips!

  28. Balance is definitely important!! Me time is one of the biggest things I need to work on.

  29. Good tips! I need balance! Since I started working outside of the house I found that I'm really over tired. Will have to try the tips you shared here!

  30. I think that soaking in the tub or reading a good book or taking a nap are my favorite ways to re-energize myself. These are some great ideasn

  31. These are some wonderful tips! I love Kristi Yamaguchi understands how busy and stressful it is to be a mom.