Spotlight on Muy Latinas - Sprint Twitter Party

The #Framily #Billboards2014  bilingual party last week was on fire!
It felt like an extra long very lively flash mob!
Muy Latinas parties are always fun, but this time aroung it was also madness!  we laughed so hard, and all the newbies caught on quite well, and hung in there strong until the very end.  Yay for you!
What a pleasure to be an official Sprint Blogger for this star riddled event. It was a joy to give out the massive amount of prizes that our generous sponsor had in store for the soiree.  I was elated.

So many of us partying and confessing how we sing in the shower, and sharing the different languages we prefer to sing in was great conversation.  That was cool.  I hope our friend who sings in English and Korean (Ohlalakrissy) comes back and teches us some Korean.
Personally, my highlight from the Premios de la Musica Latina sponsored by Spring honored Carlos Vives with his award.
Honestly, I was discovering a lot of new music through the show.  It kept me wondering when rock en espanhol would show its face again on stage.  No, no admissions here on being a product of the 90s and the strong influence of this genre on South American youth....I just heard about that, you know?
Admitedly, all you #MuyLatinas truly know how to party!  For two hours, you all partied like rock stars and I think a couple managed to serenade virtually while Juanes and Enrique Iglesias did on screen.
 photo 148390_10151199865222447_1822733785_a_zps0247a097.jpg
I can't wait for our next #MuyLatinas event, can you?
Stay tuned by following @MuyLatinas, @MonicaZYoung, @AhorraDolares, @ComiendoenLA@ColombianaenCa, and of course, little moi @CoolChillMom

Keep shinning Muy Latinas Partiers, you have loads of saborrrrrrr! (flavor in English, but meaning lots of happy spirit).

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