Tips to Reach Happiness on a Daily Basis

I was reading an article called "The Happiness Movement" on the South Florida Parenting Magazine of which I am a panelist.
I was taken by it because it made be stop and think a bit on how we are all chasing happiness, but happiness is always on our side if we choose to see it.
cool moms cool tips for a happier life day by day enjoying #nature
Nature uplifts my spirits

Granted, we all have our battles and our hills to overcome, but if we focus on the little things and some not so material things we might find ourselves enjoying life a little more. As  a result, we will feel our life is richer, and might feel more fulfilled
cool moms cool tips for a happier #life day by day spend on #experiences
Spending on experiences, and experiencing the joys of South Florida

Like the old adage say: stop and smell the roses.  Be grateful for the sunshine, and also for the rain.  Enjoy the personality of the little people in your life, and the riches they add like those hugs that come with a superhero might or the paper flowers offered to you you.
Allyson Touvchin tells us how at Florida Atlantic University there is a course and encouragement for students to join the happy movement.
cool moms cool tips for a happier life day by day #friendship #beaches
Blogging,  Family, Friendships, Beaches and Chocolate make me smile!

A few tips include:
cool moms cool tips for a #happy #life day by day - travel
Travel fills the soul of discovery
I am decided to enjoy the little things in life more from now on.  What will you incorporate to your day routine to feel closer to your happiness or to enjoy life more?

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