Meeting the Girls for Cool Prime Time

Oh what a long/ crazy/ busy/ hectic work and family week we had last week.  The weekend couldn't get to me fast enough, I was ready for it.  Lucky for me, I had the best jump start to the weekend because, last Friday, LongHorn Steakhouse invited us to their restaurant and compensated us with a gift card to review them, but all opinions expressed are our own.  They gave me the perfect opportunity for a flavorful girls night out.
I couldn't wait for the crazy rain storm to pass so I could get there for some fun times with my friends.  We had been invited to discover their new PrimeTime menu offered right now at most of their locations.  I was giddy with excitement and was ready to drive to the Kendall location for our little Tweet up.  You know it, we were all in total a happy mindset! 

The restaurant itself is inviting and gives you that friendly steakhouse feel from the moment you set foot into it.  The perfect place to share some laughs and re-discover this restaurant with @MiamiMSavings @BrandonsPuppy and @MommyMafiaMiami.  As you walk in, there is a hostess station where everyone was all smiles.  A full service restaurant, it offers a comfortable bar section with big screens.  Soccer matches were on, and the crowd was cheering and lively, this just added to my festive mood. 

 Despite having a spacious dinning room, we sat at the bar.  I have to say that for all the excitement going on around us, we were able to have lively conversation without having to strain to hear each other. 

The #LHPrimeTime menu has an interesting suggestion list at $5 each to choose from: drinks and food.

The food options for starters, we discovered, are really enticing and of course it took us a while to decide what to order from 6 items to try out: ($3, $4 and $5)
The appetizers are big enough to share, and the generous portions came in beautiful presentations

We just couldn't stop picking at these Spicy Chicken Bites.   Flavorful and with a light kick it was definitively a crowd pleaser at our table
Fun presentation for the Crispy Jalapeno Shooters.  No worries, it is not a spicy dish.  The seeds are removed so the jalapenos have no heat to them.  Instead the sauce they come dipped in enhances the whole experience of savoring these jalapenos.

If you are a goat cheese fan, definitively try out the fried green tomatoes.  Don't they look amazing?  they were very tasty

When this Shrimp & Avocado Stack arrived at our table there were lots of ohhhs and ahhhs: a delicious tower of garlic shrimp layered with guacamole, cucumber and tomato. 

These were just so amazingly good we couldn't stay away and ordered another round of them!  

I am looking forward to our next girls night out with these fabulous girls. We still need to try our the Wild Shrimp Tacos, the Housemade Kettle chips and the Sweet Corn Fritters.  In the meantime, tell me, what is your favorite happy hour food?
If you want up to date information on the restaurant, you can look them up at Long Horn Steakhouse facebook page.

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