How to be Prepared for Hurricane Season: Use FEMA lists and Resources for Guidance

Living in South Florida, we know too well this image
It means it is Hurricane season, and something is definitively brewing in the Atlantic.
That in turn means lots of things that boils to one word: preparing.  We would have been, checking lists, making sure our homes are prepped up, and remembering Hurricane Andrew.
Although Andrew was over 20 years ago, it is fresh in many South Floridian minds.  Truth is that while we have been blessed not to have had to endure such catastrophe in a while, Hurricanes continue to visit us (with lesser force like Wilma or Katrina) and every season a hurricane or two do wave their hands good bye to us.
This is why we are happy to join FEMA and Blogging Mamas to spread out the word on being truly prepared and ready.
Hurricane season has such a wide span of time in effect ( The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1rst through November 30th. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season began on May 15th and will end on November 30th as well.) So, if we all prepare thoroughly once, and update on details when the threats truly come in, we can all breathe easier.
We particularly love this FEMA site  because is divides it all clearly for us before, during and after a hurricane.  Remember that the first shelves to empty out during a warning or watch is the ones for water at our friendly supermarkets...

Central to the preparations is to have your very own family communications plan as well as an emergency kit. 

While it is the summer, and we do want to be out and enjoying it all, the sooner we prepare, the sooner we have to stop thinking we have to cross getting prepared for a hurricane off our lists. 
You can even make it into a summer activity getting the kids involved checking off the list with you.
We hope we don't have to make use of our preparations this Hurricane season, but we sure want everyone to be prepared and safe.

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