How to Make a Finish Line Ribbon for Race Day - DIY Project

A couple of months back we were proudly showing our Disneyside at Home celebration where we held a race day.  You can read all about that here.  We picked races because of little ones are big fans of the Disney movies Cars and Planes.  So much so, that we have little imagineers who are eager to share with Disney new ideas on movies they should work on to follow up on these titles.
Anyway, one of the items used for the party was a DIY invention of ours, and many of you have been asking us how we made our finish line ribbon.
cool moms cool tips finish line ribbon for a race

Our DIY projects are always as simple and quick as can be because we don't have much patience to wait for things to dry for a day or two; for example.  This project is right down our ally: quick and simple.  Instant gratification, I guess J

Unfortunately, I did not take photos when we made it, but hopefully these instructions will make it very easy for you to make your very own finish line ribbon.
The truth is that is way simple to make.  Here we go.

Elements we used:
cool moms cool tips finish line ribbon for a race DIY

  1. We found free Disney images we liked and printed our labels with them
  2. Next we folded the silk paper to make each sheet as wide as the labels. you end up with a rectangle of tissue paper.
  3. Fold as many tissue paper rectangles as you want long the finish line ribbon.  To determine the length you want, just place a rectangle next to another until you have your desired length.
  4. Then, we peeled the label, and stuck it on the tissue paper that had been folded.
  5. We repeated until all of our rectangles were completely covered with the labels.  
  6. Use the labels to join together all the rectangles
  7. Voila! You are done!  How simple is that?

Not only is it simple, but a huge hit with all racers.  It makes a difference to have the finish line in your sights and actually break through it!  We made a few of them so we could get as many kids as we could have a feel for cutting through the finish line ribbon, yay!
cool moms cool tips finish line ribbon for a race DIY fun

Everyone had so much fun at our race day that we are planning for another one. Next one will be a princess finish line.  Regardless of theme, a planned race day is perfect for Spring and Summer play dates or celebrations.  Great excuse to get everyone out to enjoy the outdoors too!  In any case, when we prepare or next race day finish line ribbon, we will make sure to take more photos of the the making of the ribbon to update this post for you.

Let us know if is helpful.  Have fun everyone, happy DIY

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