Jet Blue Gets Kids to Soar With Reading This Summer

We know very well the importance of reading and how it helps imagination Soar with Reading (the Jet Blue corporate social reading program in place since 2011. Parents keep getting reminders that during the summer months children do loose an important percentage of their school year learning, and how teachers will spend plenty of time working on gaining it back at the beginning of the school year.

Despite the vacation in progress we can all find different ways to maintain the knowledge learned fresh, and ready for the new school year.  Why not start finding great resources in our Communities for the children? You can make it interesting and fun if you take it out of your home.

Find different events and resources that spice up having to read, for example by visiting special programs at your local library.  For example, participating at the Jet Blue Soar with Reading events.  

A JetBlue Airways representative and Ft. Lauderdale area elementary student, Tina J., read together JetBlue’s Soar with Reading event at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center on Thursday, June 26, 2014.

You can also go back to the reading assignements for the school year that just ended.
Consider implementing some of these tips for reading with your grade -school child offered by the Soar with Reading program:

Be on the look out for events like the one Jet Blue recently hosted in Fort Lauderdale last June 26th at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center where more than 300 children were encouraged to read and let their imaginations soar!

Fort Lauderdale area children receive a free book at JetBlue’s Soar with Reading event, aimed at encouraging reading this summer.

A new reading event will be hosted soon in the Dominican Republic.  Here are the details

Sunday, July 13*


Santo Domingo, DR

Academia de Beisbol Medias Rojas de Boston

You can go find more details on the program and upcoming events at Soar with Reading

Magic Tree House characters, Jack and Annie, invite a Fort Lauderdale area student to join them on stage at JetBlue’s Soar with Readingevent in Ft. Lauderdale, aimed at encouraging local kids to read.

Besides helping our kids with their reading, we have been inspired by Jet Blue's Soar with Reading program.  So, we are hosting a camp night in our backyard where the central activity will be reading with flashlights in the tents.  Invitations will ask guests to bring two books to donate, and we will then include them in the Jet Blue program :-)  We know Jet Blue has contributed over $750,000 worth of books to communities with their initiative, but our hope is that the 10 or 15 books we collect will make a difference to a child.
This fun reading at night in our backyard should also teach our children about helping others and giving a hand :-)
What are you reading to your kids this summer?

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